Web Design Questionnaire

This preliminary questionnaire is an important part of the website building process. It helps organize the goals for your project in a way that we can understand and use to accurately provide you with a proposal and quote.

Please provide the details below to the best of your ability. If there is a question that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t apply to your project, feel free to leave it blank. Once we get this information from you, we can begin preparing a proposal or set up a meeting to get into the specifics.

    About You

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    This website project is for an organization or business.


    What is your current (or intended) website address/URL? (eg. "revtech.ca")

    Do you already have a website host?

    Do you want custom email addresses for your domain? (eg. "me@mydomain.com")

    I want email service with my domain.No email service needed.

    When do you need your website to be ready?

    Have you already established a budget for this project? If so, please indicate your budget below, otherwise we will quote based on features and time.

    Can we divide your project into phases to account for budget and timing constraints?



    Do you have a current website you want redesigned?


    Project Goals

    Briefly describe your concept for the site. What service should it provide?

    What is your main reason for this project (e.g. promote new product/service, make the site user friendly, target a specific audience)?

    What end result would determine that the web site is a success (e.g. number of contact forms submitted or phone calls)?

    Are there other considerations that could impact the project schedule (e.g. new product launch, marketing campaign)?

    Target Audience

    Describe a typical person who will visit your site (gender, age range, location). Provide more than one profile if applicable.

    What action(s) would you like a person to perform when visiting your site (search for information, sign up for an account, purchase a product or service)?

    What are the key reasons why a person chooses your products or services (cost, service, value, etc.)

    How many people would you want to visit your site each day, week or month?


    Please identify any pages or features you envision as part of your site:


    HomeProducts/servicesFAQsAboutContactArticlesUpcoming events

    Special Features

    AnimationVideoImage GalleryMapSearchNewsletter/Email list sign-upFormsUploads/downloads


    Registration/customer loginStore/Shopping cartOnline paymentForumBlogReviewsCustomer surveys/polls

    Please list any additional or custom pages you would like.

    Content Management

    How often will you need to update the website content?

    Not oftenDailyWeeklyMonthly

    How many content pages or posts do you expect to publish on your site each month?

    Who will make the regular updates to your site?

    RevTech.caI’d like to update it myself.


    Use some words to describe the look and feel you want (e.g. clean, balanced, modern, friendly, corporate)?

    Is there a specific theme you had in mind to incorporate into the website?

    Do you have ideas of the colors, backgrounds, images to be used, and ones you don’t like?

    Do you have existing business cards or other printed materials we need to match?

    Websites you like:

    Please provide a list of any examples of websites you like.

    What do you like about them?

    Websites you don't like:

    Please provide a list of any examples of websites you don't like.

    What do you not like about them?

    Do your competitors have websites you'd like us to know about?


    Screen Size

    No preferenceDesktopDesktop and mobileStretch entire width of screen

    Navigation (main menu)

    No preferenceHorizontal (top)Vertical rightVertical left


    Do you have a logo?


    Do you have a tagline (e.g. “Reach out and touch someone”)?

    List any important words you want people to associate with your company image/brand.

    Do you have photos for your web site?


    Do you have graphics or other artwork for your web site?