Business owners and organizations in Saskatoon deserve top quality websites for promoting themselves and their offerings. But with a good number of web design and development shops around, how do you pick the best one for your business or organization?

That’s a great question. As it turns out, the answer is: it depends.

Who is the best web designer for your small business or organization?

First, an excellent website that meets all your wants and needs will take time and care to complete. The best websites are high quality ones that meet your needs and your visitors’ needs very well.  Your website will be unique to you, and a great web design should:

  • Meet all your needs.
  • Meet your visitors needs.

That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But you’d be surprised how many people overlook these simple goals. Sometimes important details are overlooked, or not enough time is spent understanding your business and customers. A good web designer takes the time to learn and understand those details by asking you good questions. Using this knowledge, they can craft a website that feels and fits perfectly for both you and your website’s visitors.

You are unique, just like everyone else.

Your business or brand is unique in many ways. A great website design will fit you and your visitors perfectly, because that what it was designed to do. Things like layout and graphics/text should be carefully considered based on your goals, and the design of your website needs to achieve those goals in the most elegant way possible. A great website designer will give you confidence that they understand these unique qualities about you, and will work them into the design to put your best foot forward.

What services do you need?

Based on how big you are, you should consider either an independent designer or a bigger firm. The difference comes down to how many services you need today and later down the road. I always recommend getting as many website service as you can through just one provider vs many (though you should still get quotes/estimates from multiple sources). The reason why is simple: websites and web services have a surprisingly large number of parts and components, and there are many benefits and few drawbacks to having a single service provider taking care of most or all of them. If a designer or firm can’t turn a design into a real website or host it for you, you may want to consider one that can handle everything for you.

Support for your website is also an important service to consider. If you need support for multiple employees or multiple locations to use your web service, the cost of a bigger firm might be well worth it for your needs. If you only need support for yourself or a handful of employees, a smaller firm or independent web designer might work better with you. And since you’re likely hoping to grow your business over time, you’ll want someone who can keep pace and to provide you with new or expanded website services in the future. Hopefully, can be the one to provide you with excellent website design and services.