In the coming months, there are big changes coming to the major web-browsers Chrome and Firefox (and Microsoft Edge could very-well follow along too). Websites that are accessed over the unsecure channel called “HTTP” will begin showing warnings to visitors. That can be bad news and might scare your visitors away.

Search boxes, login pages, and anything else that people can type text into will display warnings that your website is “Not Secure”.

Is my website affected?

That depends. The simple fix is to plan to switch your website over to HTTPS as soon as you can, because eventually that is where Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and other browsers seem to all be headed. Whether you need to do it right away depends on whether you have any areas on your website that collect text input from visitors. But since HTTPS brings about a huge amount of security benefits  to your visitors and is very easy to provide, you should probably just take care of it today.

Most good website hosting providers provide HTTPS (all of our website hosting services include HTTPS for free), and we would be delighted to help you make the switch to HTTPS (SSL) on your existing website.